Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in technology, opening new possibilities for people everywhere. Through relentless innovation and discovery, we are transforming the worlds of TVs, smartphones, tablets, PCs, cameras, home appliances, printers, LTE systems, medical devices, semiconductors and LED solutions. We employ 286,000 people across 80 countries with annual sales of US$216.7 billion

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The Samsung Trainee Program aims to select, train and develop young talents who identify with a fast, innovative and technological culture, and who have the desire to work for one of the 10 most valuable brands in the world, according to the most recent ranking of Interbrand. In three years, we went from the 17th position to the 7th position (2014) together with the most valuable brands, and we aim to always go further together with you! Each participant has a mentor in their target area, responsible for accompanying him or her throughout the Program, which lasts one year and offers Job Rotation in two areas, among which we highlight:

Marketing: Trainees will have the opportunity to understand how the marketing guidelines, procedures and strategies are formulated in the dynamic Samsung way. It encompasses the areas of Marketing Intelligence, Product Marketing, Branding, Trade Marketing, Media, Digital Media, and Consumer Insights.

Sales: This area enables Trainees to fully understand the concept of Samsung’s business in order to formulate and implement sales strategies, policies and processes as a way of creating value. It encompasses the areas of Sales Management, B2C, B2B and others.

Logistics/Innovation: The continuous increase in the volume of worldwide trade over the last decade has turned Logistics into a competitive factor for companies. Currently, the logistics domains are an integral part of a global company’s success and as it have become more globalized and complex, its role has become more important in meeting the demands and needs of customers. Here, the Trainees will be able to be in touch with cutting-edge solutions and participate in innovative projects.

Human Resources: The HR department plays a fundamental role when it comes to managing professionals, from attraction of talent, aligning educational and training programs to compensation structures, among other strategic tasks and projects. Samsung has an excellent work environment to develop HR professionals and the Trainees will be able to understand HR strategy in a context that brings together two different cultures (Brazilian and Korean) in a globalized organization.

Latin America HQ Financial Management: The newly created Financial Management area is responsible to provide support to the CEO/CFO in financial matters as well as act as a liaison between the LATAM HQ and the subsidiaries’ financial management. The trainee will have the opportunity to understand how is the financial management of a multinational company in a complex region as Latin America. Among its tasks, the trainee will be exposed to challenging endeavors, such as implementing innovative projects to improve the control of the local financial operations.

Latin America HQ Corporate Strategy: This area is responsible for supporting the CEO in the process of decision making and implementing strategic initiatives, covering all the business areas and product categories. The trainees will be able to broaden their general vision of the business by understanding how external (macroeconomics, consumers, competitors, etc.) and internal factors (portfolio, resources, abilities, etc.) influence the company`s growth strategy for the region and by working on high visibility projects.


Training and Development

In addition to on-the-job learning, the program is accompanied by further training in varied capacities.  Samsung has a global learning platform, through which Trainees can learn and develop skills needed to excel in their areas of expertise, from a grid (live & online) of specific courses and a systematic process of development. The Program also brings to Trainees the possibility to work on a short assignment at the Headquarter and / or at one of the subsidiaries in Latin America, which is an important development opportunity to broaden their business vision and get in contact with other cultures. After finishing the program, Trainees will be directed to the area that is more compatible with his or her profile and competencies.



Total compensation and benefits will be disclosed on the workshop.



“Samsung is a company aware that technological pioneering involves agility and excellence. For this reason, it is a company opened to new ideas and averse to stagnation. Working there is like never being stalled; it is not conforming to the mediocre; it is possessing the autonomy offered to all employees. In Samsung, achieving goals is to be gifted with the assurance it could be even better."”

Cristina Tong Ribeiro
Logistics Trainee

“Samsung has a fundamental role in technology democratization in the whole world and this eagerness to transform people’s lives is very visible in the way the trainee program was designed. Here, at Samsung, we can recognize differences and similarities between the main latin markets, learning every day with this experience. Besides professional growth inside your own area, the daily contact with other teams provides an even better development than that of our own graduation. Inspiring professionals and ambitious strategies enable constant overcome of goals – that naturally develop professional skills as leadership, transformation ability, creativity, autonomy and team spirit”

Andre Klava
Corporate Marketing Trainee Latin America Head Quarters

“Samsung is one of the best companies for professional development. The company’s dynamism pushes you to go beyond, always. The interaction between Brazilian and Korean culture enables a more global professional vision and the opportunities for growth are exceptional. Besides that, working in one of the biggest companies of the world is something extraordinary. Working here is, without a doubt, an incomparable opportunity.”

Paloma Mendes Tonaco
Human Resources Trainee